Sed risus eros, lobortis tempus

There are different kinds of scholarship. If you are getting a scholarship, what is the difference between partial and fulltime scholarship?

Full scholarships also called as “full ride scholarships” pay for a student’s entire education.

This includes tuition, room and board, books, and sometimes more. These are typically awarded to students who demonstrate outstanding academic or athletic achievement. The most competitive college and university athletic teams become competitive by offering excellent full scholarships to the most talented athletes, thereby attracting the best team of players. These scholarships, athletic, academic, or otherwise, may even include a semesterly reward in addition to college expenses.

Partial scholarships are far more common. They can be awarded in varying amounts for a wide range of reasons. Scholarships may give superior academic achievement, or outstanding performance in a specific discipline. These kind of scholarships may be directly from the school, or from different private organizations, foundations, or special interest groups. There is also what they call a partial scholarship which may be enough to cover room and board, books, or part of tuition.

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