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If you want to pursue your study in college, but have no enough funds to support your study, then you may be thinking of getting a grant or scholarship to help you fund your studies.
Here are some valuable tips and information that can help you with college application process.
Grants & Scholarships are FREE financial aid
Both college grants and scholarships are the kinds of financial aid that you are not required to payback. But since they are free, they typically have requirements that students need to achieve.
Students need to complete the FAFSA every year. Grants are usually given based on a student’s financial need, while scholarships are often given to students based on a student’s merit. Most if not all, the colleges use the student’s admissions application, or a separate application, to know if he or she qualifies for scholarships. Students qualify for private scholarships from outside entities based on the requirements of each award.
The Search
Different scholarships can be found through many different avenues. Check online, companies, organizations, foundations, to get you started. The key is to be persistent in your search never give up on looking for opportunities. If you think you qualify, apply.
Stand out
Not all can have the opportunity so it is really important to stand out among the rest. There are different criteria that they consider, so make sure you are not missing anything. Take plenty of time to proofread your work, and if possible ask help from someone else to look at your submission. A second set of eyes or even third can help you catch anything you’ve missed.
Financial Aid Impact
If you are lucky enough to receive any private scholarships, be sure to notify the college financial aid office about it. Usually, the school will add any private scholarship that you receive to your financial aid package.

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